Meet David Crosby, Education Consultant

17 Jul 2022

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Despite their best intentions, few IT companies would understand your school like you do. They might have worked with lots of different schools, including many like yours.

But the truth is they're usually just 'technical' people using their previous experiences with clients in education to help you. And what they learn while they're working with you will benefit their next customer, and so on.

I'm delighted to say this is not the case here at Pact IT Solutiions and I would like to introduce you to one of our colleagues, David Crosby.

David knows his technology and has a ‘past life’ in education – as a teacher and a School Business Manager.

Here's a quick summary of his experience:


  • Teacher and Deputy in both R–12 and Secondary only schools
  • Subject areas: Information Technology, Agriculture, Sciences, Maths
  • Government and Non-Government / Independent schools
  • Rural based schools ranging from small to medium size
  • Maintains teacher registration


Business administration

  • Business Manager (and/or Bursar) in both R–12 and Secondary only schools
  • Non-Government / Independent schools
  • Rural and Regional city-based schools ranging from small to medium size
  • Was a member of a number of school business organisations including Australian School Business Administrators (ASBA)


In these roles, David was involved – either directly or in a leadership capacity – with the provision of IT services and support. I doubt there's too many who know more about schools and IT.

Need help with Microsoft’s Education Transformation Framework or an IT project you're planning? Like to find out what new developments could help your school? You need to speak to David. To get in touch, simply call 1300 897 228.

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