. . . using software you might already have

It really is simple . . .

You just need to be able to:

  • Access your work – wherever you are
  • Easily share conversations and documents – using the same, familiar software you already use

But how?

The answer is Microsoft Office 365. And the chances are you probably already have it.

Let me explain . . .

If you subscribe to use:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server (for your email)
  • Microsoft OneDrive (for your files)
  • Microsoft Office software – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote

. . . you already have Office 365.

And if you don't have Office 365 yet, don't worry. You can have it for as little as a few dollars per user per month.

Here's just some of what Office 365 does for you . . .

You're more productive:

  • Work from anywhere on any device – your Office applications will always look and feel the same
  • Be in your office using any browser – just login to your online Office account to access and edit the latest versions of your files
  • Work offline using your familiar Office applications – everything automatically updates as soon as you next go online

You work together more easily:

  • Share your work from any device – documents, files and folders
  • Work on the same document at the same time as others – see changes as they're made

You can even work with people who don't have Office 365.

Faster and more effective collaboration has never been so simple.

All your data is safer and more secure:

  • Enjoy Enterprise-level security – your data is securely stored in a data centre in Sydney or Melbourne
  • There a team of experts monitor servers around the clock
  • Should the worst happen, you're protected with premier disaster recovery capabilities
  • And – of course – your data sovereignty is retained in Australia
  • Never lose your files – if your laptop, computer or mobile device is lost or stolen, all your files are safely backed up; ready for you to access them from anywhere
  • No worrying about spam and email threats – built-in, up-to-date spam, and virus protection is included as standard

Want to be even more productive?

You need our Office 365 Framework.

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What's more, it's so easy to get started . . .

Let us take care of everything for you.

We will:

  • Choose the right Office 365 for you; or – if you already have Office 365 – make sure you have the right one
  • Decide what applications you need in addition to email and Microsoft Office
  • Determine how best to store your documents
  • Ascertain the best way for you to migrate to Office 365; depending on your needs, this could be moving your users in stages, or all at once
  • Move your email and documents to the cloud with full change management for minimum disruption
  • Synchronise access to emails from your smartphones

But that's not all . . .

We'll teach you how to:

  • Use Office 365 from your desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Access Office 365 from anywhere
  • Transfer documents to and from the cloud
  • Synchronise files
  • Work on documents with other people

Relax and let us:

  • Sort out any licensing issues as your needs change
  • Add or remove email mailboxes as your staff changes
  • Set and change what users can see and do
  • Create and amend who is sent relevant files and documents
  • Keep your spam filtering and email virus protection up to date

Want to find out more?

If you'd like to get started today – or find out more – please get in touch.

Just call Trevor Ainsworth on 08 8342 3255 or email trevor@pactict.com.au

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