Is your Information Technology driven by short-term needs

– not by what you actually want to achieve?

Perhaps maintaining your exisiting systems is stopping you from making a dent in your goals.

What to do?

You need an IT Strategic Plan.

This crtitical document outlines specifically how IT will:

  • Support your business strategy
  • Drive your business priorities

. . . over the next 1 – 3 years.

Your IT Strategic Plan reveals where you are right now.

And shows you how to use information technology to grow your revenue streams. And cut your operational costs wherever possible.

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Here's the five steps we use to create your IT Strategic Plan:

  1. Understand your existing systems – applications and IT infrastructure. Doing this lets us identify, audit, and document your issues and opportunities.
  2. Identify both what you need from your IT and the business 'drivers' which are vital to achieve your goals. We use a balanced scorecard strategy map to give you an easy-to-understand diagram of what needs to be done.
  3. Formulate practical IT strategies to support and align with your overall business strategy.
  4. Determine the projects required to implement your proposed IT strategies.
  5. Prepare a timeline. This shows all the initiatives and projects which need to run over the next few years. It includes approximate start & end dates . . . owners . . . justifications . . . and costs.

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