We help you make sense of all available options

Properly configured networks, servers, desktop computers, printers and other devices are an essential part of your business.

But simply adding technology isn't the answer; you need the technology that's right for your business – both now and for the growth you're planning.

Let us help you make sense of all your available options. Without blowing your budget.

Networks & internet

The internet, cloud based applications & data storage, email, instant messaging, online video, digital communications and a whole lot more . . .

. . . all of them depend on networks.

And if your networks aren't reliable and secure – quite frankly – you're dead in the water.

Here's how we help you make sure your networks are fit for purpose:

  • Design, install, manage, and maintain your network(s) – we make sure everyone in your company can connect to what they need to, when they need to, and from anywhere
  • Advise you how to connect to sites across the country – high performance data links sound simple enough . . . but they can be a veritable minefield to get set up
  • Design, install, manage, and maintain Wi-Fi networks – if your staff need to be able to move around on-site, a good Wi-Fi network will ensure they're always connected to your network

If you'd like to find out more, we should talk.

Servers & storage

The cloud is great for many small and mid-size businesses.

Services like Microsoft Azure provide fast access and grow with your company.

But do you need to be all in the cloud, partially there, or not there at all?

To be frank, it depends on your business.

Work with us and we put your servers and data storage in the best place for your business – on premises, in the cloud or both.

We can also help you:

  • Reduce your costs by running more applications on the same server
  • Speed up your SQL applications by upgrading your Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Simplify your IT maintenance by using Group Policies to centrally manage and configure operating systems, applications, and user settings

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Desktops & mobile devices

What equipment do your staff need to do their jobs?

Whether it's PCs, laptops, 2-in-1s, tablets, or phones . . .

. . . we help you set them and get them working on your network efficiently and cost effectively.

And if you have mobile devices, we help you manage them – and your PCs – from anywhere.

Should a mobile device get lost or stolen we will:

  • Lock it to restrict access
  • Reset a user's PIN to enable access if it's found
  • Wipe data from a device which can't be found

Need to access your data remotely?

Let us help you have easy, secure access to your business applications such as accounting and CRM. All using standard capabilities built in to Windows Server and Windows 10.

Let's have a chat about it.

Want to keep your network and computers secure and protected?

You need our cyber security services.

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Want to find out more?

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