. . . you may already have everything you need

You and your colleagues need the right information at the right time.

And the data up-to-the-minute. Because you can't make important decisions or see what's working – or not – using old data.

What to do?

You could get a bespoke solution.

You know the kind of thing, I'm sure. It costs a bomb . . . takes months to implement . . . needs umpteen days of expensive consultancy . . . acres of high-priced staff training . . .

. . . and never-ending updates to make it almost do what you wanted.

Fortunately there is a better, far more cost effective way:

Use the Microsoft products you own and understand to give you the information you need.

It's quite likely you already have Microsoft SQL Server® .

If you do, simply consolidate the data from all your systems into a fast, reliable reporting solution. All you need is the Microsoft SQL Server® Business Intelligence platform.

If you don't, updating to Microsoft's proven SQL database will give you a database which is more productive, more reliable, and more secure.

What's more, with its low ongoing and maintenance costs, it will be more affordable than your current database.

Whether you already have Microsoft SQL Server® or not . . .

Here's how we take care of everything for you

First of all we'll ask you what reporting you need to run your business.

Then we create it for you. It will:

  • Give you a complete view of your business by taking data from the database(s) you already have
  • Show your reports in all the formats you want – PDF, Excel, etc
  • Allow you to explore and visualise your data with web based dashboards and scorecards

We'll also give you and your colleagues tailored training sessions. This way you're guaranteed to get the very best from your new reporting system.

Want to find out more?

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