. . . all for one fixed monthly fee?

It's a bold claim I know.

But I assure you it's completely true.

I'll prove it when you accept your FREE Network & Security Audit.

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We take care of everything for you

  • Secure remote monitoring – your network is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year . . . and anything which isn’t right is looked into and fixed
  • Instant support – when our monitoring system detects a potential issue it alerts us instantly . . . we then help you fix it – before it harms your business
  • Remote desktop control – if something needs doing, rather than trying to guide a user over the phone or coming to your premises, we can login to the computer in question and solve any issues remotely
  • Preventative maintenance – reduce the chance of breakdowns, optimise performance, and improve security
  • Backup watchdog – you don’t have to worry about backups; we make sure they’re done . . . if there is a problem with a backup we’ll know immediately and fix it
  • Disaster recovery – should the worst happen, you'll know exactly what to do and know your data is safe and ready to be recovered . . . all thanks to the disaster recovery plan we maintain for you
  • Your users – your list of users is checked for any inactive accounts or those with special access; and any suspicious accounts rooted out . . . your Windows password policies are reviewed to make sure they're watertight – any weak passwords found are reported on
  • Network security – your security, anti-virus and anti-malware systems are always 100% up to date . . . all remote access to your network is secure . . . regular network security scans to find and fix potential weaknesses . . . continuous monitoring of your network and servers for unauthorised attempts to gain access . . . and a whole lot more . . .
  • Documentation – we maintain your network documentation to reduce the risk of technical mistakes and to help manage your network more efficiently . . . as your network grows, good documentation is vitally important in saving you time and money
  • Asset information – you’re never caught out, with a record of all the hardware and software across your organisation . . . we track equipment configurations, installation dates, software licensing, and more

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What's more, your single monthly payment also includes all of this:

  • A focus on your business needs: your own account manager who makes sure everything works and you’re happy; they also help with your IT planning, ensuring you’ve got the right infrastructure to support your business growth
  • No nasty financial surprises: know in advance exactly how much your IT support costs; you don’t pay a cent more, even if the worst happens – for example, your server crashes or you get a company-wide virus
  • A complete view: with every aspect of your IT infrastructure documented, you’ve always got an up-to-date view of your investment
  • Reliable and efficient IT: Working with your account manager is a team dedicated to managing your network and making sure you get the very best service
  • Value for money: see the results you’re getting and – crucially – what they’re worth to you, with regular reports on your system health and service levels
  • A great service that always gets better: you always get the best possible service; and we’re always improving it by refining our systems and processes

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critical part of providing high-level 24/7 care

Pact manages and supports the complex network that is a critical part of providing high-level 24/7 care to our residents.

General Manager Finance, LHI Retirement Services

How much for total peace of mind?

Choose how much support you need:

Managed IT Services: the deluxe package – full support for your whole IT infrastructure. Monitoring, maintenance, issue resolution and call-outs to your offices. All included in your one, fixed monthly fee.

Server Care PLUS: for a smaller fee, you get full support for your servers, firewalls/routers, and other network devices. Please note: any maintenance and support for end-user devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones is billed at our standard hourly rate.

Server Care LITE: the entry level package – server monitoring & maintenance along with regular backup & restore testing. Everything else is billed at our standard hourly rate.

Here's what you need to do

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Is your network resilient?

Let us tell you. Say yes to your FREE Network & Security Audit.

Your free audit will:

  • Review your network equipment, servers, desktops, laptops, printers, applications – the lot
  • Identify any risks or weaknesses – in an easy to read report
  • Tell you what action you need to take

. . . it's like a complete check-up at the doctor's.

To request your free audit . . .

just call Shawn Zeppel on 1300 897 228

or email admin@pactict.com.au