Small & Medium Business


As a small or medium business you have different challenges and requirements to large corporates.

We understand your need to focus on current business with the aim of growing and becoming more productive in the future.

Over the last 20 years we've helped several hundred businesses just like yours. No matter what industry sector you're in, if you want your business to grow and perform better then we can definitely help you:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Exploration & Mining
  • Health Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Sport & Recreation
  • Transport & Storage
  • Wholesale
How we help you

Think of us as your very own IT department where we can:

  • Plan and implement IT and communication platforms
  • Build greater productivity using our Microsoft 365 Framework
  • Leverage AvePoint’s cloud solutions to better manage and protect data in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint
  • Train your staff on Microsoft 365 to achieve a minimum competency
  • Provide technical support for applications such as AM-Win, Attache, Empower, MapInfo, Micromine, MYOB, PowerLink, Pronto, Quickbooks, SURPAC, TSM, Xero, and more
  • Fix inefficient processes by quickly developing economical and sustainable cloud-based solutions, scalable for growth
  • Establish protocols to secure your data, ensuring business continuity
  • Provide ongoing technical support to ensure you perform at your best


Pact has our IT under control

Our business is reliant on Pact IT for most of the daily functions, from the phone right through to our workshop scheduling.

Having John’s technical knowledge at hand (along with his experienced team) we are able to keep our server, phones, network, internet and remote access PC’s working at their best .

Over the years John has introduced our server, workshop PC stations, wireless, purpose built CAD PC’s, remote access PC’s and now VoIP (3CX) phone system. His team monitors our security and installs and updates our account and manufacturing programmes.

With the secure knowledge Pact has our IT under control, we can go about our business of manufacturing transport equipment.

Managing Director // Combo Industries //