ICT Strategy


To maximise workplace performance, start by developing an achievable Information and Communications Technology plan.

Our 5-step planning process is designed to support your business strategy and drive your IT priorities over 1 – 3 years.

It's simple, collaborative and creates a clear plan for the future.

Audit existing systems, applications and IT infrastructure. This allows us to identify, understand and document issues and opportunities.

Identify the IT and process drivers that are vital to achieve your goals. We use a balanced scorecard strategy map to give you an easy-to-understand diagram of what needs to be done.

Formulate practical IT strategies, including the latest technologies, which support and align with your overall business strategy.

Determine and prioritise the projects required to implement your proposed IT strategies.

Prepare a timeline, displaying all the initiatives and projects in a comprehensive plan including commencement and completion dates, as well as detailed costs.

the right way forward

We utilised Pact IT's services to help us navigate the complex issue of planning for our future IT requirements. They were instrumental in assisting us to crystalise the right way forward for our school.

Principal // Good Shepherd Lutheran School Para Vista //