IT Infrastructure


What IT infrastructure – on premises or cloud – do you really need to improve productivity and efficiency?

Properly configured networks, servers, desktop computers, printers and other devices are an essential part of your business. But simply adding technology isn't the answer; you need the technology that's right for your business – both now and for planned future growth.

Let us help you identify all your available options, without blowing your budget.

Networks and internet

The internet, cloud based apps & data storage, email, instant messaging, online video, digital communications and a whole lot more all depend on networks. And if your networks aren't reliable and secure, quite frankly, your business is at risk.

Here's how we make sure your networks are fit for purpose:

  • Ensure everyone in your company can connect to what they need to, when they need to, and from anywhere
  • Advise you how to connect to sites across the country – high performance data links sound simple enough but they can be a minefield to set up
  • If your staff need to be able to move around on-site, a good Wi-Fi network will ensure they're always connected to your network
Servers and storage

The cloud is great for many small and mid-size businesses. Services like Microsoft Azure provide fast access and grow with your company.

But do you need to be all in the cloud, partially there, or not there at all? The answer is, it depends on your business.

Work with us and we put your servers and data storage in the best place for your business – on premises, in the cloud or both

Desktops and mobile devices

What equipment do your staff need to do their jobs?

Whether it's PCs, laptops, 2-in-1s, tablets, or phones we help you set them up and get them working on your network efficiently and cost effectively.

And if you have mobile devices, we help you manage them – and your PCs – from anywhere.

the tailored services we need to succeed

Pact has supported us and our changing business needs for almost 18 years. During that time we've grown from a single office in Adelaide to now having multiple sites around Australia. As our business has grown and changed, their capabilities have continually expanded to provide the tailored services we need to succeed.

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