What Are the Benefits of SMS?

18 Mar 2022

This article originally appeared on MessageMedia.

One of the greatest things about SMS is that it delivers, and we don't mean to your phone. For almost 30 years, SMS has proved to be consistently effective in broadcasting business communications directly to your customer base and triggering a desired behaviour or action. It may not be as glamorous as the newest app, but it works. Do you know how powerful and rich messaging can be?

This is just one benefit that SMS can bring to your business. Let's look at what other advantages bulk SMS can bring to you in an increasingly complex and competitive global market.

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Why you should use SMS in your business right now

 There are lots of advantages in employing SMS as part of your business process and communications strategy in order to reach your target audience. 

1. Efficiency

If you need something out quickly, whether it’s a mission-critical update or an unexpected crisis has arisen, SMS is the way to go. Not only is it easy and speedy to deploy a broadcast using our web portal, but text messages also take only 1 – 3 seconds to be received. In addition, 90% of recipients read their texts within 90 seconds.

TOP TIP: Integrate internal SMS automation to increase productivity and internal business visibility. For example, if a text is automatically sent to a customer when a payment is overdue, automate an SMS to be sent to a customer agent to check in with said customer if payment is not received in 2 days’ time.

2. Personalisation

As small businesses grow larger, and digital marketing continues to dominate, that personal touch consumers crave loses its sheen. Find it again with SMS. You can automate personalisation within your SMS messages, or set up specific parameters within your platform of choice to trigger certain events or actions with text messages.

3. Wide reach

Did you know that there are currently 4.78B mobile phone users in the world? This is set to rise to 7.33B by 2033. SMS is enabled on all of those phones, and each and every person with one is familiar with the technology. While you may need the latest iPhone or update in order to get WhatsApp working, it won’t matter with SMS.

4. Simplicity

Not only is SMS easy to set up and use for your business, but it’s also familiar technology for most people. Everyone knows how to read a text, reply to a text, and take action with a text. Whether that’s clicking on a link or taking the suggested actions such as cancelling or rescheduling an appointment, it’s simple for your customer to understand and use. 

In addition, our web portal was carefully built by our product team to be as intuitive and easy to use for those who are unfamiliar with SMS or using online platforms. Our clean and uncluttered interface, in conjunction with a carefully designed experience, means anyone with any level of experience of SMS can use our product and service easily.  

5. Direct

For many marketers, the best thing about SMS is that is a direct marketing channel. You can access customers without going through any kind of intermediary, which is extremely beneficial in simplifying one’s marketing strategy.  

While you may use an SMS gateway provider such as MessageMedia, once set-up, communication channels flow between you and the customer unimpeded by us or any other entity. It is easy to build two-way relationships with SMS marketing campaigns, where every customer is instantly accessible.  

6. More than a sales tool

For many savvy decision-makers and communicators, there are a variety of ways you can use SMS within your business. It can reduce customer friction for ecommerce businesses, reduce no-shows for medical clinics, nurture relationships between education providers and students, enrich promotional offers or grow audiences for new media platforms.  

More importantly, SMS can be a way for you to solve internal problems or engage your staff more. The use cases are endless and are continually developing as the technology evolves.  

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